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FSA Entertainment was established by Austin James in 1996 solely focused on the intricacies of reality casting and producing. FSA has a long list of credits from A&E’s Intervention and TLC’s My 600lb Life to Snapchat’s new dating TV show Phone Swap and the new syndicated hit Funny You Should Ask.

FSA is known for specialty casting and finding the people no one else can find. The company has evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of unscripted programming. We have built our casting success on our practice of working closely with the producers of each show so we are able to transform their vision into a reality. FSA has a long record of delivering the absolute best on even the most challenging projects.

FSA has built a massive nationwide database of all types of great potential contestants including singles couples families characters and professionals. The company has also developed extensive public relations in most major cities and many smaller towns and knows how and where to find the best. FSA has also worked in each city promoting the shows doing press interviews drive-time radio interviews and spots and also television news interviews and coverage.

FSA Entertainment Inc. is fully insured including workers comp and we take care of our own payroll and fringe etc. We simply deliver the very best and invoice bi-weekly.

About Austin James

Austin James has been working in television since 1989. A magna cum laude graduate with a degree in communications Austin has long been fascinated with interpersonal communication.A sharp and skilled interviewer Austin is known for his ability to get potential contestants to open up and be themselves. “Self disclosure is key in most reality programming and I make a point of sending the producers the most interesting attractive and self disclosive contestants possible” says Austin. “America is filled with fascinating wonderful and entertaining people our job here at FSA is to find these amazing people and let the rest of the country enjoy them as well.”