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Specialty Casting

We are here to make your show a success. You will be able to:

Bikini Models.

NBC's "Identity"

FSA is known for specialty casting and finding the people no one else can. We offer a variety of services to meet your unique project needs including pre-show promotion, emergency casting, fast track casting, national casting, and casting facilities with the results delivered in an easy to use reference package

FSA Entertainment has a proven track record for making difficult projects a reality. Some of FSA's specialty casting discoveries include:


People with

unusual jobs.

Sci-Fi Channel's

"Who Wants to be

a Superhero"

The Hottest

College-Aged Kids.

MTV's "Exposed"

Unique Looks

and Lifestyles.

A&E's "Inked"

The Hottest College-Aged Kids.



NBC's "Identity"

* A Shirley Partridge type that can sing and perform.

* A real allergist, a microbiologist and a pest control specialist

who can also be great hosts.

* A single dad under fifty with three kids over twenty.


These are just a few that we have found. No request is too difficult.

* Develop your show without the stress of casting difficulties.

* Produce a more appealing show by casting the most interesting and attractive people.

* Easily pick the best cast for you show from the options provided.

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